Together with the rest of the world, IFATCA remains deeply concerned about the unprovoked attack on Ukraine and the impact on the country’s population, including our colleagues and their families. As shown throughout history, armed conflict and aggression are never a solution. IFATCA urges all involved to immediately cease hostilities, to respect international agreements and to de-escalate the situation immediately through negotiation and mediation.

Amongst the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians that seek refuge in neighbouring countries are of course also air traffic controllers and/or their families. They find help and support from countless volunteers, including IFATCA Member Associations that offer support to friends and colleagues from Ukraine. Using their own resources, they arrange transportation, material support and lodging in their own homes.

Having received requests for support from these neighbouring associations, IFATCA has taken a number of initiatives to offer as much support as possible.

Need help? Or want to help?

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Adopt a Ukrainian ATCO Family

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, friends and colleagues from neighbouring countries have provided incredible support to colleagues that have fled the hostilities.

With more and more families from ATCOs are arriving across borders, these efforts need to be widened in order for them not to get overwhelmed.

IFATCA calls for volunteers that can host a family (ATCO’s wife/partner + kids + (eventually) the ATCO himself/herself) for a determined/limited time. If you are able to help, please fill the form.

We will compile the information and share them to match demands with offers when needed.

Please also make sure to indicate whether you can accommodate pets or not.

Financial Support

IFATCA collects money to support Ukrainian colleagues via the European Support Fund (ESF). Thank you for the Associations and individuals who already donated.

Sadly, as the conflict drags on, so does the need for help. Therefore, donations continue to be welcome and we would even encourage those that can, to donate regularly.

As our resources are limited, we have established a limit per person for specific support. We can unfortunately only consider Ukrainian ATCO, and/or his/her wife/partner and/or their children - no reimbursement for pets.

Financial support will be given upon request after receiving justification and a form attached for the requested amount up to a set maximum per person. We will concentrate on food/lodging/medical support – flights and other means of transport are impossible!

If you have personal/association contacts with airlines – please ACT and try to get a few free or highly reduced tickets to reduce the costs.


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