On 25th March 2023, the Norwegian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (NATCA) celebrated their 50th anniversary in Oslo. On this occasion, they presented a book retracing the last ten years of their association and a follow-up to their previously distributed history

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Following last year’s World ATM Congress in Madrid, CANSO and ATCA announced they would part ways. CANSO indicated they would organise a new event, Airspace World, in Geneva, Switzerland. Other than the location, there were no major differences once inside

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The Future of Air Traffic Control

During the first 50 years, from what I read in the books, there have been a lot of changes from procedural ATC to radar with horizontal displays with “shrimp boats” and, later, vertical displays with primitive computers. During the second

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Airspace Closures

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, countries of the European Union have prohibited all Russian-owned, -registered, or -controlled aircraft, including private and charter flights, from landing in, taking off from, or transiting any EU nation. Switzerland, the UK, Canada, the US,

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Antonov 225: "Inspiration"

Over the past few decades, when life had crumbled into chaos and darkness, the world was lucky to count within its gadgets an engineering marvel. One that could quickly transport large shipments as close as possible to people in need,

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Women in Aviation Advisory Board

For the past two years, I have had the honour of serving on the Women in Aviation Advisory Board (WIAAB). I was one of 30 women appointed to the Board by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, which was charged with

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