The IFATCA Technical Award recognises a single product, part of, or piece of equipment produced by one of our Industry Partners that demonstrates a committed effort to provide an innovative, quality product that will enhance aviation safety.

The criteria for nomination are:

  • A candidate must be an Industry Partners of IFATCA, either as an existing member or as a new applicant who has paid their subscription.
  • The product, part of, or piece of equipment must be in current use at any ATC unit in the world, directly in the operational environment by ATC.
  • The product, part of, or piece of equipment should be innovative and incorporate good ergonomics and design principles. It should provide operational benefits over alternative products and/or demonstrate significant safety benefits.
  • The Industry Partners shall make a submission detailing the products key features and benefits for the selection process.

The applications are reviewed by the Technical & Operations Commitee in collaboration with the Professional & Legal Commitee, at their second meeting of the year. The winner will be announced at our Annual Conference and will receive the award during the opening ceremony in the presence of dignitaries, usually Minister Of Transport and CAA / ANSP directors of the host country.

From 2017 onward, this presitigious award will be presented bi-annually.

IFATCA TECHNICAL AWARD 2019 - Vibe Solutions


The 2019 IFATCA Technical Award went to Vibe Solution for their Virtual InfoBoard for Employees. IFATCA recognizes that efficiency in Air Traffic Control can be increased through adequate shift planning and that an inflexible roster, even if efficient on paper, creates issues for both staff and employer. The solution proposed by Vibe is a tool intended for precise shift planning. It is not just a tool for managers for it also allows employees to have access to their working schedule and request a shift rotation through the roster module of the tool thus making shift management easier.

The tool proposed has two more modules: a competency module designed to manage competency examinations, working hours and the generation of all electronic documents requested to keep licenses. The second one is the infoboard module , which can be used to send electronically relevant information. It reduces the need for face-to-face briefings. Supervisors can check through the tool who is briefed while employees receive only relevant information according to their personal ratings and dedicated unit. Other information like warnings about expirations of licenses and ratings can also be sent through the tool.

In short, Virtual InfoBoard for Employees provides a solution to simplify the bureaucratic tasks associated to our work as air traffic controllers in one single tool which has proven worth of receiving the IFATCA Technical Award.



The 2017 IFATCA Technical Award was given to NAV Canada for their NAVCANsuite. The NAVCANsuite is a series of automation products, providing both standalone and integrated solutions in airport, tower and terminal ATC environments.

The suites have been successfully implemented at over 100 sites worldwide (mainly aerodrome control) and controller responses to the suites have been very positive. Human factors, ergonomics and other concerns of interest to the controller community have been considered and discussed, creating an end product by and for controllers.

The NAVCanada representative received the award at the Opening Plenary.



The 2016 IFATCA Technical Award was awarded to Frequentis during the Annual Conference in Las Vegas, USA. In his introductory speech, the Chairman of IFATCA's Technical & Operational Committee, Ben Gorrie, praised the Electronic Flight Strip system of the Austrian manufacturer: operational feedback from controllers in various parts of the world indicated that the Frequentis systems provide a highly reliable and user-friendly experience, thereby enhancing safety and efficiency. Mr. Gorrie and Alfred Vlasek, chair of the Professional & Legal Committee of IFATCA, presented the award to Thomas Fraenzl of Frequentis.



The very first IFATCA Technology Award presented to Imtradex for their AirTalk 3000 XD Flex headset. Marketing Manager & Sales Manager ATC Susanne Lastein, who accepted the award, emphasized that air traffic safety is very much dependent on interference-free communications between everyone involved. “Misunderstandings between air traffic controllers and pilots can have serious consequences. It is therefore crucial that they understand each other clearly, which makes communication equipment a real safety factor”, said Susanne Lastein.