Involvement in IFATCA gives you and your Association a chance to bring your voice to the international stage and to represent you. Through our attendance and discussion with other MAs we get to:

  • Access information regarding new technologies and procedures
  • Obtain or provide mutual support from/to other MAs
  • Form alliances and co-operation platforms with other Associations
  • Compare working conditions, pay, technology, etc.,
  • Gain a closer understanding of global ATC operations.

Another very important function of our attendance is that through IFATCA we are able to provide input into the ICAO process. Generally, a relatively small employee representative body would not be recognised at this level. Through years of hard work, IFATCA has in the meantime gained a lot of recognition within ICAO and has actively contributed to a number of ICAO initiatives, such as Fatigue Management and training policies. It is important that we have an ability to provide a balance between the state and service provider at this global level.

IFATCA today is working hard on the major issues that are affecting the ATC environment. These include:

  • Commercialisation and corporatisation of ATC
  • Technology such as new surveillance methods, remote towers, CPDLC
  • Consolidation of service providers - including the Single European Sky project and the contracting of ATC by one State to another
  • Accidents and incidents - IFATCA looks at the treatment of controllers, the process of investigation into causes, and the thoroughness of investigations.
  • On-going involvement with ICAO and regional aviation organisations. IFATCA is one of only 3 organisations with official observer status at ICAO. We are also playing an increasingly important role in several regional organisations such as EUROCONTROL.