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Jean-François Lepage was appointed as Liaison Officer to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Navigation Commission at the 2015 IFATCA Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, and he has served the Federation in this role since then. On top of his functions in the ANC, he also represents IFATCA on the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Working Group and on the Competency-Based Training and Assessment Task Force (CBTA-TF).

Following a career as a commercial pilot (CPL) in Canada, Jean-François entered air traffic controller training at the age of 20. He obtained his licence at the Montréal Area Control Center in 2006 in the 'North Specialty', which covers the province of Québec and a large portion of the Hudson Bay, Nunavut and the Atlantic Ocean. This sector group controls approximately 1 million square nautical miles, using procedural (non-radar) and surveillance (radar and ADS-B) control, as well as CPDLC and ADS-C.

After a while he became involved in technology and automation implementation, training, quality assurance, proficiency and other projects. In 2013, he became an operational team supervisor and was in charge of the oversight of proficiency and refresher training. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

With a variety of experience at a global level, with ICAO, and close collaboration with IFALPA and IFATSEA, he has gained a thorough understanding of international aviation rulemaking processes, national regulatory environments, and considerable experience in drafting and presenting working papers. He has also a thorough understanding of ICAO mechanisms and SARPs making process.

He serves the Federation at the endorsement of his home association, Canadian Air Traffic Control Association.

Jean-François likes dogs.


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