The following steps will show you how to bookmark the webpage www.ifatca.org/ifatca2020 on your Apple device. In this example, Safari was used, but the procedure would work for other internet browsers such as Chrome. The same steps can be used whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad.


1. Visit the page

In your internet browser (Safari was used in this example but other browsers such as Chrome offer the same function), enter the following link: www.ifatca.org/ifatca2019.


2. Click on "Bookmark"

In Safari, it is the button at the bottom in the middle, shown in red on this picture.


3. Choose "Add to Home Screen"

You may have to scroll right to see that option. You can also choose to add it to your Safari bookmarks, or add it to your favorites to see it on the Safari new page screen.


4. Choose a title and click Add

By default, IFATCA2019 - IFATCA will be proposed.


5. You're done!

Your icon will appear on your iPhone desktop. If you are using an iPad, the same procedure would work as well.