During the COVID crisis many organisations reverted to using different form of conferencing. IFATCA representatives were invited to participate to some of these webinars and vodcasts. The topics addressed concern not only the handling of the crisis, but talk as well about different technical and professional topics.

October 2020

Research Workshop on Interdependencies within ATM Performance in the Context of a Dynamic Environment

Luis barbero on behalf of IFATCA talks about the trade-off between quantitative cost efficiency targets and qualitative capacity enhancements.

October 2020

SESAR JU Exploring the future vision and technological innovations in CNS

Bill Holtzmann, IFATCA technical representative talks about the transition from Barometric to Geometric Altimetry

July 2020

SESAR JU Digital Academy Webinar: Towards higher levels of automation - Artificial Intelligence

Ruben Flohr (SESAR JU) discusses with Marc Baumgartner SESAR Coordinator, Andy Shand and Claire Pugh (NATS), Jesus Garcia, Professor Computer Science Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Guillaume Soudain EASA

Marc Baumgartner explains the Joint Cognitive Human Machine System approach

June 2020

SESAR JU digital sky vodcast: how will digital transformation build resilience in ATM

Andrew Charlton (Aviation Advocacy) discusses with Marc Baumgartner SESAR / EASA coordinator, Florian Guillermet (Executive Director SESAR), Klaus Meier CIO skyguide and Ramon Tarrech, ATM Strategy Development Director INDRA.

June 2020

5th GARS Online Panel Discussion (23 June 2020)

It was jointly sponsored by the ATM Policy Institute, GARS, the European Aviation Conference, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Andrew Charlton, Aviation Advocacy discusses with Luis Barbero (President of GATCO), Nicole Adler (Hebrew University), Xavier Fron (Eurocontrol)

Like all parts of the aviation ecosystem, ATM has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. But this might be a chance to make some much needed changes to a system that was already struggling and for which mis-matches of capacity and demand were common.

June 2020

World ATC asked experts to share their views on how COVID-19 impacted the aviation industry. What changes were triggered and how has the industry reacted? How has COVID-19 impacted the Air Traffic Control community? Marc Baumgartner, IFATCA's SESAR Coordinator, shared his views.


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