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United Kingdom - GATCO

About Mark

An Air Traffic Controller since 2003, Mark is fully qualified as both a Tower and Radar Approach controller providing services to both military and civilian aircraft in busy regional airspace in the UK along with being an OJTI. He is also involved in safety management functions, fatigue risk management, and Human Factors training. Prior to controller training he was an ATC Assistant that saw assignments to flight operations, flight planning, and airfield operations departments both in the UK and abroad.

An active member of GATCO, our UK Member Association, he held the position of Deputy President while also having held the position of Vice President Finance & Administration. His first exposure to IFATCA was as a Director at the IFATCA Conference in 2014 in Gran Canaria. From there, he has been involved with both FIC and CAC as a member of those committees. Lately though, he has been the resident Secretary of Committee A during the past 3 Annual Conferences.

Mark was elected as Executive Vice President Finance of IFATCA at the 2019 Annual Conference in Costa Rica.


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