IFATCA Annual Conference 2022

The global pandemic continues to cause widespread disruption for individuals, companies and organisations. IFATCA is no exception and over the past two years, the working of the Federation has been significantly affected, especially by not being able to hold an Annual Conference.


While acutely aware of the impact of not being able to hold a normal Annual Conference, the IFATCA Executive Board, during a meeting this week, reviewed the circumstances surrounding the Annual Conference scheduled for May 2022 in Singapore.


Under the given circumstances and constantly evolving pandemic situation, it appears highly uncertain that a balanced representation and the required quorum of Member Associations can be achieved. An additional consideration, besides our duty of care, is the associated costs and other implications for both the Federation and its Member Associations. 


For these reasons and with great regret, the Executive Board has concluded that the Annual Conference 2022 in Singapore cannot proceed as planned and therefore is cancelled. 


On behalf of the IFATCA Member Associations, the Executive Board wishes to express our sincere gratitude to ATCA-S, our Member Association in Singapore, for their tireless efforts and willingness to host our Annual Conference. 

A Virtual Conference will be held online from 23 until 27 May 2022.

This will include technical and professional committee sessions. Additional details and practical arrangements will be communicated in due course.


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