One of the core objectives of the Federation is "To promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among Air Traffic Controllers". To achieve this, the Federation conducts several educational initiatives, one of which is the production of guidance material for the distribution to the Member Associations. The Federation also conducts training workshops on several important topics details of which can be found in the Workshops section.

Unstable Approaches Guidance Material

Safety is the number one priority for IFATCA and the entire aviation industry, and we are most effective when we all work together to make it ever safer. With this goal in mind, the Unstable Approaches: Risk Mitigation Policies, Procedures and Best Practices, second edition, has been collaboratively written by IATA, CANSO, IFATCA and IFALPA, to address the problems surrounding unstable approaches, a major contributor to accidents and is available for download free of charge for all our Member Associations.

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Fatigue Management Guidance for ATS Providers

Fatigue is an inevitable hazard in the around-the-clock aviation environment. Fatigue management provides structured methods to address the safety implications of fatigue. ICAO, IFATCA and CANSO have produced a guidance manual that describes science-based and operationally-oriented fatigue management processes.

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Drone Sighting Briefing Leaflet

Joint IFALPA-IFATCA leaflet for pilots and air traffic controllers to improve the information flow between the two groups and to coordinate the response when a drone is reported.

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TCAS RA Procedures

The correct reaction to a TCAS RA by both controllers and aircrew is essential to the effectiveness of this safety net.

Effective Negotiating

The key to successful progress on issues is effective planning and negotation tactics.