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by Jaymi Steinberg & Benjamin van der Sanden

Chair TOC & EVP Technical

The Technical and Operations Committee 2022-2023 during the 2023 Conference

First of all, we are proud of the efforts and contributions of the standing committee over the last year.  This year, we hope to provide a strong working programme as well.  The committee will continue reviewing existing policies, tackling Member Association’s (MA) concerns, accepting tasks from ICAO Panel Representatives, and investigating new topics. 

TOC would like to thank all of the MAs that stood for election for 2023-24.  The enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. We hope that you will consider standing again at the conference in Singapore. Your continued interest and enthusiasm are what drive the work of IFATCA forward.

The 2023-24 elected MAs and their representatives selected are:

  • Canada – To Be Announced
  • EGATS – Jaakko Rissanen
  • Germany – Frank Sasse
  • Ghana – Benjamin Assare-Mokwah
  • Hong Kong – Lok Man “Alex” Leung
  • Italy – Mauro Barduani
  • Singapore – Jeyapala “Bala” Machap
  • USA – Betsy Beaumont

And we are excited to have a robust corresponding group, including:

  • Bulgaria- Veronika Solakova
  • Dominican Republic- Juan Gabriel Ramirez
  • Mexico- Danahe Lopez
  • Nigeria- Dominic Abah
  • Philippines- Renz Bulseco
  • Romania- Iulia Iordan

TOC wishes to thank Ignacio Baca (Spain) for his years of contribution and leadership as Executive Vice President Technical (EVPT).  He will remain a valuable asset to TOC as the ICAO Surveillance Panel Representative.  Benjamin van der Sanden from the Netherlands is taking over from Ignacio as EVPT. He will strive to maintain and strengthen the Federation’s influence in critical fields to our profession. If you have any issues regarding Technical and Operational issues, please don’t hesitate to contact him directly at benjamin.vandersanden@ifatca.org.

The committee will work on various topics, including RPAS, Remote Towers, TPM Reviews, Aircraft Expected Performance, and FF-ICE Mixed Mode Operations.  TOC will strive to produce additional educational materials for the federation extending beyond the traditional working paper format. The group plans to work alongside ATMOPSP member Rick Taylor to develop learning opportunities.

TOC also plans to rely on the expertise of the Remote Tower Task Force and the RPAS Task Force to assist in creating papers for their areas of interest.