by Philippe Domogala

IFATCA Industry Partner Coordinator

IFATCAs Corporate Membership dates back to the foundation in 1961, and we decided it was time to modernize the concept! And provide more value to the commercial providers who support us year after year.

After reflection and discussions with some of our traditional corporate members, we decided to change the name from IFATCA Corporate Members to IFATCA Industry Partners and revisit the benefits of such partnerships for the federation and the sponsors. The change also involved a new fee structure.

The Member Associations accepted a Working paper at the 2023 Annual Conference in Jamaica in May. Besides the name, the main changes are that we will no longer have three categories of membership: Silver, Gold and Platinum, but 2, Standard and Premium, both with different fees and benefits. The Executive Board will examine the possibility of a Super Premium partnership next year.

The Standard partnership roughly corresponds to the old silver tier; it is a basic partnership enabling a company to access all IFATCA information and policies and participate in all our IFATCA events, such as Annual Conference, Regional meetings, seminars etc.

The premium partnership will merge the old Gold and Platinum categories and has additional benefits, such as two complimentary registrations to attend our Annual Conference or a Regional Meeting, a 20% reduction on the special rate for an exhibition stand, the possibility to make a presentation during our events, the option to be selected to participate to our panels during Conference. In addition, premium partners will have direct access to the Executive Board and our Technical, Professional and operational Standing committees (TOC and PLC) with the possibility to attend their meetings to discuss a particular item or subject.

We also will offer premium partners the opportunity to organize specific one-day seminars where their developers/engineers could meet with a selected group of expert controllers to discuss a particular piece of equipment or procedure the partner company is developing.

These two new categories come with revised fees, as we have not increased our fees in over 20 years. The standard partnership’s annual fee, valid for 12 months from June to June, will be US$1,000, replacing the old silver membership of US$750. and the premium partnership will be US$3,000, the same as the former platinum tier.

For more information or questions, see the page on this website or contact the IFATCA Industry Partners Coordinator: Philippe Domogala, at [email protected]


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