Tatiana Iavorskaia


I took over as Office Manager in 2001 – yes, time flies if you spend it with pleasure – many of you know me already and I am good friends with most of you.

I moved to Canada many years ago and now I can tell that Montreal is my home. I used to say that I am the only employee of IFATCA and the only one without an ATC background, but I am an ATCO in my heart! My academic background is in English Literature and I have a Master’s Degree in Library Science and Information Studies from McGill University, Montreal.

My work as an Office Manager consists of attention to many small details that I constantly keep in mind.  Sometimes when I leave the office at the end of the day, my thoughts are swamped with claims forms, invoices, addresses updates, various reminders, and the list goes on. Regardless, I love being in contact with you and I am always happy to receive your e-mails and phone calls.

Role and Responsibilities

- Conduct the routine administration of the Federation, and the management of the IFATCA Office, under the direction of the President and Chief Executive Officer and the Deputy President.

- To inform the Executive Board, Standing Committees, Liaison Officers and Member Associations of current matters of interest.

- To distribute reports of conferences attended, documents and reports of interest.

- To inform the Executive Board and, in particular, the President and Chief Executive Officer, of matters requiring decisions.

- To edit and distribute to the Executive Board, Standing Committees, Liaison Officers, Member Associations, Associate Professional Members and Corporate Members:

a) IFATCA Circulars, at least three times annually.

b) Special newsletters, as required by the Administrative Manual, or when the Executive Board decides that the urgency of the matter justifies the expense and the time involved. In addition to those listed above, Special Newsletters should also be distributed to non-member associations, ATC contacts and interested organisations. 

c) Conference report.


- For the IFATCA Conference:

a) to prepare the Draft Agenda about August. Provisional Agenda to be sent to Organising Association in time to be printed in the Conference Programme;

b) to prepare "Notice of Elections" regarding relevant vacancies on the Executive Board and for Standing Committee Chairs;

c) to distribute the Draft Agenda and Notice of Elections;

d) to distribute information regarding the Conference to interested organisations and persons;

e) to inform the aviation press on the Conference date for inclusion in their events diaries;

f) to invite representatives of the main international aviation magazines to attend Conference;

g) to liaise with Organising Association on programme and Conference organisation; they shall also be made aware that the following are required by close of Conference:

i) list of all attending the Conference, including status and whom they represent,

ii) copies of all speeches,

iii) copies of all speeches made by Guest speakers,

iv) recorded tape or transcript of Plenary Sessions;

h) where practicable, to accompany the Conference Executive on a visit to the conference site 3 to 4 months prior to Conference for the purpose of a final check of the secretariat facilities;

i) to distribute Conference Reports and Working Papers;

j) to manage the Conference Secretariat, including supervision of the production and distribution of all relevant documentation and other like material;

k) to prepare the Conference Report;

l) to ensure that amendments to the Manuals resulting from decisions taken at the Conference and prepared by the respective Executive Vice Presidents are available on the restricted area of the IFATCA web site;

m) to issue the Conference "Follow-up memorandum" prepared by the respective Executive Vice-Presidents to those neccessary;


- Upon request, make arrangements for and/or attend meetings in Montreal, and prepare the agenda and distribute the minutes for Executive Board meetings.

- Maintain contact with national and international organisations (ICAO, ILO, IFALPA, IAOPA, IATA, etc.) on matters of interest to the Federation;

- Produce, keep up-dated and distribute a document containing the names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses, of the Executive Board, Standing Committee Chairmen, Liaison Officers, appointed representatives, Member Associations, Corporate Members and other relevant parties; (Acapulco 90.A.55; Santiago 99.A.23)

- Carry out such other duties required by the President and Chief Executive and/or Deputy President and/or Executive Board from time to time.