IFATCA's Technical and Operational Committee (TOC) consists of six elected Member Associations and up to eight technical representatives appointed jointly by the Executive Vice-President Technical and Chairman TOC.

The Committee is tasked with the continuous review of present IFATCA technical and operational policy and present it in writing for the Directors of the Member Associations of IFATCA to consider annually at each IFATCA Conference.

In addition, they re-write and update IFATCA policy in the form of amendments to the relevant ICAO publications and examine study material and information submitted to the committee in order that research and cross checking of IFATCA policy can be undertaken so that the Federation's policy-making decisions and undertakings may be clearly explained, as may be required.

They also maintain an effective liaison with international pilot associations and other international organisations and aviation groups, preparing reports upon same for conference consideration of the problems affecting such organisations relevant to the air traffic system throughout the world.


Mienis & Co pruiken-haarstukken

The TOC is currently chaired by Renee Pauptit (Netherlands The Netherlands).

Current (2019/2020) elected Member Associations on TOC are:

Canada Canada

European Union EGATS

Georgia Georgia

Germany Germany

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Japan Japan

Netherlands The Netherlands

Romania Romania

Singapore Singapore

United States of America USA


The committee can be contacted via [email protected]