IFATCA's Professional & Legal Committee (PLC) consists of ten Member Associations, in addition to a Chairman. Their main tasks include to study matters related to the human and environmental factors in the air traffic controller's profession; to make recommendations on selection, recruitment and training of air traffic controllers; to study matters concerning the legal liability of air traffic controllers, and provide Member Associations and the Executive Board with advice on legal issues when so requested; to study legal matters concerning the safety of aviation and, in particular, causes of incidents and the standardisation of investigation procedures; and to encourage and advise the Executive Board and Member Associations in sponsoring the passage of legislation and regulations which will increase and protect the safety of air navigation and uphold and enhance the professional status of the air traffic controller.

The Committee undertake regular reviews of IFATCA professional and legal policy, and present this in writing to the Directors of the Member Associations for consideration at each IFATCA Conference. They also prepare reports, working papers, proposals or recommendations, as considered appropriate, to Conference either directly or as directed by Conference or the Executive Board.

They also maintain liaisons with the professional and legal committees of international pilot associations and other international organisations and aviation groups.

The PLC Chairman is David Perks (Australia Australia). The committee can be contacted via e-mail: [email protected].

The following Member Associations currently (2019-2020) serve as a member of the PLC:

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Ghana Ghana

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Israel Israel

Italy Italy

Kenya Kenya

Netherlands The Netherlands

New Zealand New Zealand

Singapore Singapore

South Africa South Africa

United States of America United States