IFATCA's Finance Committee (FIC) reviews the accounting books of the Federation. They investigate and report on any matter of concern and/or discrepancies which may appear in the books or be brought to their attention. They can make recommendations to Executive Board or annual conference, including on issues regarding income disbursements to resolve problematic situations or financial difficulties which may arise. In addition, they review affiliation fees, annual subscription rates and maximum subscription rates; Member Association categorisations based on the classifications applied in the annual World Bank World Development Reports; Conference contribution and Conference deficit guarantee; and the Inflation Factor derived from the International Monetary Fund’s International Financial Statistics, Inflation for Industrial Countries.

They recommend auditors for all accounts of the Federation and assure, in the event of the dissolution of the Federation, the proper transfer and disposal of all assets and/or property which may remain following satisfaction of all the Federation's debts and liabilities in accordance with the Constitution. They also assist the Executive Vice-President Finance in the preparation of financial statements and/or proposed budgets, when requested.

The current chairman of the FIC is Daniel Nartey (Ghana) and the committee consists of three Member Associations, elected in Committee A at the Annual Conference. Current members are:




The committee can be reached via e-mail: [email protected]