The European region is characterised by many countries and following that many air forces and ANSPs. The airspace has almost 100% radar coverage and a high level of technological support to achieve high ATM standards. The region, lead by first Eurocontrol and later by the European Commission, has invested and still is investing immensely in improving and achieving high level of safety and efficiency. This has lead to situation where improvement of performance is driven by introduction of more technology and the implementation of performance regulating initiatives. The most prominent of this is the European performance scheme, which is requiring ANSPs to reduce cost and still achieve the same level of safety. All in all that ANSPs are under pressure to save money and reduce costs for the airlines and the passengers. Because many ANSPs have reduced costs by reducing investments in new technology and training the challenge in Europe for the years to come is to make sure that the ATCOs are at the center of developments, to maintain service and to secure the quality of training is being compromised.

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Member Associations

Albanian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Austrian Air Traffic Controllers Association

Belarusian Trade Union of Transport and Communications Worker –BelProfTrans

Belgian Guild of Air Traffic Controllers

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosnia & Herzegovina Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Bulgarian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Croatian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Cyprus Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Czech Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Danish Air Traffic Controllers’ Association

Estonian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Eurocontrol Guild of Air Traffic Services

Finnish Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Association of Air Traffic Controllers of Georgia

Gewerkschaft der Flugsicherung

Greek Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Hungarian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Icelandic Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Traffic Controllers' Association

Air Traffic Controllers' Association of Israel

Associazione Nazionale Assistenti Controllori della Navigazione Aerea

Jordanian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Trade Union of Kosovo Air Traffic Controllers

Latvian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

The Lithuanian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Luxembourg Guild of Air Traffic Controller

North Macedonia
Macedonian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Malta Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Air Traffic Controllers' Association of Montenegro

The Netherlands Guild of Air Traffic Controllers

Norwegian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association

Polish Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Associação Portuguesa dos Controladores de Tráfego Aéreo

Romanian Air Traffic Conrollers' Association

Federal Air Traffic Controllers' Unions of Russia

Serbian Air Traffic Controllers Association

Slovenian Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Unión Sindical de Controladores Aéreos (Spain)

Swedish Air Traffic Controllers’ Association

Swiss Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Turkish Air Traffic Controllers' Association

Ukrainian Federation ofAir Traffic Controllers' Union

United Kingdom
United Kingdom Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers

IFATCA EUR - Regional Support Group

The people in the IFATCA European regional support group are the IFATCA representatives in the different working groups within Europe. They represent the Member Associations and also help shaping the IFATCA view on issues concerning professionalism and the everyday life of the ATCOs.

Below is an overview of the different bodies and groups that IFATCA is currently involved in - either directly or indirectly. Some boxes can be expanded by clicking in the top right corner.


EVP Europe - Tom Laursen (DK)

Tom has been an Air Traffic Controller since 1989. He is currently based in Copenhagen and works as en-route controller in the Copenhagen ACC.

IFATCA Involvement: As Executive Vice President for Europe, he oversees the Federation's activities and involvement in the various groups and bodies in the region. As such, he also acts as the focal point for the representatives below. Contact EVP Europe in case you need to engage with one of the region's representatives.



Marc is working as an operational air traffic controller and Centre Supervisor, working in Geneva ACC since over 20 years. Marc is member of the Performance Review Body/Performance Review Commission since August 2011 and chairs the operational sub-committee of the PRC/PRB since September 2012. Until April 2010 he has been the President and CEO of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) representing the technical and professional interests of more then 50'000 air traffic controllers from 137 States around the globe (8 years). Marc Baumgartner coordinates the activities of IFATCA in SESAR and EASA.


Liaison Officer European Union - Paul Neering (NL)

Paul is a former ATCO at Tower Amsterdam and Maastricht, APP radar controller at Maastricht, OJTI in all functions until retirement. Paul was a member of IFATCA's Standing Committee IV and PLC from 2000 till 2005 for The Netherlands. Since 2005 he is the Liaison officer to the EU. Paul still advises the PLC, helps to organise the Eurocontrol/IFATCA prosecutor expert training courses and represents IFATCA in different fora. Since September 2016, Paul chairs the Expert Group on Human Dimensions of SES.


Robert Bailey (DE)

Air Traffic Contoller at Munich Approach, Germany.

IFATCA involvement: Representative to the ICAO All Weather Operations Group.


Luis Barbero (UK)

Air Traffic Controller at Heathrow Approach – Swanwick Area Control Centre, UK.

IFATCA involvement: member of IFATCA's Technical and Operations Committee and a SESAR Expert.


Philippe Domogala (EGATS)

Former area controller and supervisor in Eurocontrol's Maastricht UAC.

IFATCA involvement: treasurer of IFATCA's European support Fund (ESF), as the Federation's Corporate Members Coordinator, as a general adviser and as ICAO Europe coordinator.


Christoph Gilgen (CH)

En-route air traffic controller in Geneva, Switzerland. Former IFATCA Surveillance Panel (ICAO) and frequent member of IFATCA's Technical and Operations Committee. Specialises in ATS-Surveillance Systems, Transponders, Mode-S, ADS-B, TCAS, CPDLC, airspace structure and airspace classification.


Jens Lehmann (DE)

Senior air traffic controller at Munich ACC, Germany. Tower and approach controller from 1988 until 2000.

IFATCA involvement: UAS/RPAS and IFATCA Financial Committee.


Anders Liebl (DK)

Tower and approach controller at Roskilde, Denmark.

IFATCA Involvement: EU Commission and European Group on the Human Dimension.


Odd Løveit (NO)

Tower controller in Vigra, Ålesund, Norway.

IFACA involvement: EASA, CAT CAG member.


Philip Marien (EGATS)

Former air traffic controller at Maastricht UAC and currently leading the incident investigation section.

IFATCA involvement: IFATCA Communications Coordinator


Julian Ogilve (UK)

Heathrow approach controller, UK.

IFATCA involvement: ATM partners, SESAR, Committee A Chairman.


Alexander Schwassman (DE)

Air traffic controller in Langen ACC, Germany.

IFATCA involvement: Representative at the ICAO Air Traffic Requirements and Performance Panel (ATMRPP), EASA, Airbus coordination and Technical and Operations Committee.


Maria Serrano Mulet (ES)

Air traffic controller and supervisor in Barcelona ACC.

IFATCA involvement: Secretary for Committee C and European Regional Meeting.


Anthony Smoker (UK)

Former air traffic controller and NATS safety manger. He is now an academic, teaching and researching Human Factors and System Safety at Lund University in Sweden.

Anthony represents IFATCA in several EASA rule-making groups latterly the RP3 Safety Key Performance Indicators working group.


Raffaele Vigorita (EGATS)

Air traffic controller and supervisor at Maastricht UAC.

IFATCA involvement: Eurocontrol coordination.


Alfred Vlasek (AT)

Air traffic controller and safety manager at Austrocontrol.

IFATCA involvement: PLC chairman.


Ciara O'Donoghue (IE)

Upper airspace area Air Traffic Controller, coordinator and OJTI in Shannon ACC.

IFATCA involvement: As an organiser of the ERM2018 in Dublin, Ciara is involved in the drafting and writing the guidelines for organising the European Regional Meetings.


Julija Razmislavičienė (LT)

Air traffic controller at Vilnius Area control center, Lithuania
IFATCA involvement: Representative at the Eurocontrol Yo-Yo flight group.

Esben Blum (DK)

Esben currently works as an Air Traffic Controller at Copenhagen APP alongside having a seat on the board of DATCA (Danish Air Traffic Controllers Association). He previously held a TWR at EKCH and was an ATCO, Supervisor and Manager at DXB in the Middle East.

IFATCA involvement: Representative on the ICB and ISG.


Lidia Ruseva (BG)

Lidia Ruseva, Area controller in Sofia ACC since 2008. Working for Bulgarian Air Traffic Controller's Association - BULATCA since 2010, President since 2015.

IFATCA involvement, EASA ATCO Licensing Ruling group


Thorsten Raue (DE)

Air traffic controller at Rhein UAC (Germany) and GdF Executive Board Member (Technical).

IFATCA involvement: EASA.


Christos Komodromos (CY)

Air Traffic Controller since 1991. President of the Cyprus Air Traffic Controllers’ Association, member of the FSF Med, Holding a Private Pilot License (PPL), A/C accident and Incident Investigator, OJT Instructor, Unit Licensing/Competency Assessor at Nicosia ACC and Larnaca Tower, CISM (critical incident stress management) Peer, FMP Supervisor. Supervisor at Nicosia ACC, working at Larnaca Control Tower as well.

IFATCA involvement: Represents IFATCA in the BlueMed Social Dialogue.


Sigurjon “Jonni” Jonasson (IS)

Air traffic controller and supervisor at the Reykjavik OACC. Former president of the Icelandic Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (ICEATCA).

IFATCA involvement: IFATCA representative in the ICAO North Atlantic scrutiny group