Safety Management Panel


The ANC agreed to establish the Safety Management Panel (SMP) in 2011 to provide recommendations for a new Annex to the Chicago Convention, by consolidating pre-existing safety management provisions in multiple Annexes, with recommendations for further amendments to be provided subsequent to adoption of Annex 19.


The SMP undertakes specific studies and develop ICAO provisions for safety management. The work of the Panel concentrates mainly on Annex 19, but also on other documents, such as the Safety Management Manual (SMM).

Required expertise

The SMP is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of experts familiar with ICAO safety management provisions and involved in State Safety Programmes (SSP), implementation and oversight of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and the collection, protection, analysis and exchange of data and information. A background in aviation personnel training, aircraft operations, airworthiness, air navigation services, aerodromes and accident and incident investigation is also required.

About the Panel...


Develop and maintain the ICAO safety management provisions to assist States in systematically managing aviation safety risks and support the continued evolution of a proactive strategy to improve safety performance.

Working arrangements

The panel chairperson may establish working groups as necessary, as outlined in Doc 7984. The SMP should coordinate its work with the various groups of experts responsible for other Annexes and disciplines, as appropriate.

Our representative

Mr. Tom Laursen (Denmark) represents IFATCA on the Panel. Mr. Laursen is currently the Executive Vice-President Europe for the Federation and is the lead for IFATCA's "Think Safety" Workshops. He is also an air traffic controller in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mr. Laursen can be reached at [email protected].