Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel


The Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel was established by the ANC in December 2004, in order to work on ATM operational concepts, obtain consensus on several issues, such as autonomy of flight, separation assurance, collision avoidance, situational awareness, optimization of traffic flows, etc. ATMRPP is expected to undertake specific studies in order to develop SARPs, procedures and guidance material necessary for the evolutionary implementation of an integrated, global air traffic management system.


The ATMRPP will undertake specific studies, develop and review technical provisions to support the integration of the GANP and develop concepts and provisions aimed at the realization of the vision established by the Global ATM Operational Concept (GATMOC).

Required expertise

The panel is composed of experts familiar with air traffic management, aircraft operations, information management and system engineering.

About the Panel...


In line with the GANP, the Panel will develop concepts, SARPs, PANS and guidance material supporting the concept of Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE), System Wide Information Management (SWIM) and Trajectory-based Operations (TBO), taking into account future demands on airspace and airport capacity, and communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems available.

Working arrangements

The panel chairperson may establish working groups as necessary. ATMRPP should coordinate their work with the various other groups of experts responsible for other disciplines, as appropriate. Coordination is especially needed when the concepts developed reach a level of maturity that allow other expert groups to continue the necessary developments towards implementation.

Our representative

Mr. Alexander Schwassmann (Germany) represents IFATCA on the Panel. Mr. Schwassmann is an air traffic controller at Langen ACC, working Düsseldorf APP. Before that, he was a TWR and APP controller in Düsseldorf. Mr. Schwassmann has been serving the Federation on the ATMRPP for many years. He also has been a member of TOC since 2006, and has been representing IFATCA on various EASA committees. He holds private pilot licences for gliders and SEP. Mr. Schwassmann can be reached at [email protected].

(Source: ICAO. (2017). ATMRPP - Terms of Reference.)