Montréal, Canada - The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations, IFATCA, expresses its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those affected by the crash of a Yeti Airlines ATR-72 in Pokhara, Nepal on January 15, 2023. In particular, our thoughts and prayers go to our colleague who lost several close family members in this tragic accident.

IFATCA will liaise with our colleagues in Nepal to offer them assistance. It is of utmost importance that those who have witnessed the accident first-hand are provided with the appropriate support to help them cope with such a traumatic event.

As the representative body for air traffic controller professionals worldwide, IFATCA asks that the media respect the privacy of the families and loved ones affected by this tragic event and refrain from speculating on the cause of the crash. Aviation accidents are typically caused by a complex interaction of multiple factors, and speculation on these factors does not contribute to improving safety.


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