COVID-19 continues to have an impact on airport capacity and infrastructure in a number of areas including increased risks from wildlife at airports where operations have declined, combined with high levels of parked aircraft that attract birds. Returning to normal operations may require additional support and training for all airport stakeholders to address these challenges. Additionally, COVID has motivated the expanded operation of some airspace users, including new entrants. Special attention to those new types of operations will be required as traffic resumes. 

In this session, industry experts will explore these issues and discuss mitigation measures that can be used to ensure safety as traffic levels start to build up.

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Episode 5 – ATM & Airport operations during recovery

Target Audience: Airlines, Airports, ANSPs, ATC/OCC Shift Supervisors, ATC Unit/OCC Managers, Pilots, Training Managers / Directors
23 September, 2021
1030 UTC

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