04 May 2020

The Executive Board continues to put the Federation’s COVID-19 pandemic response as the top priority of our activities. We understand that this is a stressful and uncertain time, both personally and professionally. As always, we encourage all Member Associations to contact the Executive Board if you find yourself in need of assistance.

All Member Associations should have received an invitation for a second survey on COVID-19. We realise it takes some time, but it is another opportunity to inform the EB and fellow MAs of your situation and any need that arises from it. You are invited to regularly check the COVID-19 section on the website for more information, guidance material, and other resources. Also, please check the results of the first survey on https://www.ifatca.org/covid-19-survey/

The current crisis makes it impossible to conduct our workshops and courses. Though not a full alternative, we are looking at making short, online courses available in the near future.

Regarding our website, you will notice that after logging in, you will be taken to our Newsroom, with an “IFATCA Now” section. Here, regular, informal updates will be posted that provide more visibility on the day-to-day activities of the Federation.

Member Associations will also find all the past working papers and the Technical & Professional Manual have been transitioned to http://wiki.ifatca.org as a primary reference source for the Federation. The conference archive on the main website remains active for the moment, and the submitted working papers for the 2020 Conference can be found there, including the President’s report that contains our vision for the future of IFATCA. Member Associations are always welcome to contact the Executive Board for any clarification or questions as may be necessary.

As highlighted before, following the cancellation of the 2020 Annual Conference, the IFATCA Administrative Manual defines a number of steps. The board has examined these and determined that due to the pandemic, it will not be realistic to organise a plenary session before 31 August 2020, as required by the manual.

This implies the following:

  • There will regrettably not be an annual Conference this year.
  • In accordance with the IFATCA Administrative Manual and in coordination with FIC, the EVP Finance is preparing an emergency budget, based on the one mandated by Directors in Costa Rica.
  • The current board members remain in position until the next annual Conference, Jamaica 2021.

The Executive Board is also developing a ‘Financial Strategy’ and ‘Federation Strategic Plan’. All Member Associations will have an opportunity to constructively comment on these documents, that will form the basis for some of the working papers for Jamaica 2021.

Every year, at the start of the conference, we have a list of MAs that face suspension. The number of MAs concerned for 2020 is around the same number as every year. Many of these are normally settled before or during the conference – something that will not be possible this year. The board therefore consulted the IFATCA Membership via electronic voting, to postpone such a suspension until the next conference. Both the process and the proposal was approved by a large majority of Member Associations. The Executive Board is acutely aware of the difficulties some Member Associations experience when participating in the Federation. We are examining ways to reduce the (financial) burden on Associations and to provide additional benefits.

We are witnessing the biggest crisis in aviation since the first powered flight took place in 1903. Several Member Associations are faced with the threats of massive lay-offs, reduced working contracts and reduced salaries. It will take a long time for aviation to recover. The industry, the Federation, and air traffic controllers everywhere need cooperation and stability and we need to focus on the task at hand.

The Executive Board encourages everyone to unite and support the Federation and each other in this critical time. We can get through this together and the IFATCA family, and the Executive Board, is there for you!


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