Please find below a summary of key issues from the Executive Board Teleconference on 22 May 2020.

The EB noted the joint letter with ITF and other ATM staff organisations has been published after several weeks of coordination. It has been posted on IFATCA’s social media.

The DP is working on updating the conference guidelines. The EB discussed previously that it will concentrate on accessibility to conferences of the category 3 MAs, and reducing the financial impact of the event.

The emergency budget has been sent to FIC for their input and comments, and the EVPF will have a meeting with FIC to finalise this.

The EVPASP is in contact with the Pakistani Guild regarding the crash that happened in Karachi this morning. A letter of support is being sent.

Acting EVPEUR reported that some European countries started cutting ATC staff. This is very concerning to the EB.

The EB strongly supported continuing the direction to focus on the impacts of COVID on the controller workforce. It was noted that at the moment the European commission is concentrated on the financial support to airlines not the ANSPs, whereas service providers are also dealing with the tremendous impact of the pandemic, with some extending that burden to the operational personnel.


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