Please find below a summary of key issues from the Executive Board Teleconference on 12 May 2020.

The PCX forwarded the draft of a joint statement with ITF for comments. The letter will go be coordinated with IFATSEA and IFAIMA for their support.

Comms Coordinator is working on the website and Conference archives in order to re-organise files.

The EB discussed the planning for upcoming events and conferences that may need to be changed due to COVID-19.

The EVPF presented the budget tracking for the current year which looked promising. The EB confirmed that regular updates to FIC on the status of the budget would be beneficial.

The EVPT is working on analysing replies of the 2nd survey. The EB will discuss results on Friday.

The EB will start to work on the recovery stage of the pandemic response. The EB has already started putting the key issues that could be recommended to the ANSPs in its guidelines for member associations.

The EVPASP attended an ASP ICAO meeting with updates on COVID development in the region. Some countries did not have any cases but had to reduce the traffic due to the lockdown in the rest of the world.

SESAR is working on changes that will come in the next few months and years. Some industry partners are reviewing involvement in SESAR. It may have implications on our contract with SESAR. The acting EVPEUR will monitor situation very closely. EUROCONTROL agency will also make changes that will have long-term impact on the industry in the region.

The recovery from the pandemic will be very slow; governments should look at funding ANSPs’ and not concentrate their financial aid on airlines only.


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