We have just updated our COVID-19 Guidance Document to version 2.0. As the previous version mainly looked at how to prevent the spread of the infection in an operational environment, several new sections now also consider:

  • the possibility of a second wave
  • the impact on mental as well as physical wellbeing
  • what we can do to prevent misinformation
  • how to deal with reduced traffic demand operations.
  • the impact of the crisis on on-the-job training
  • a look ahead to the recovery phase

We have also added more videos to our COVID-19 interview. There’s now a total of 15 videos, good for over 7 hours of talks with colleagues from around the world.

The latest additions include an interview in French with colleagues from ASECNA and Algeria; an interview in Spanish (or at least the answers) with our USCA colleagues from Spain; and the second Asia/Pacific interview with our MA from Taiwan.

We have collected the interview on a single page to make them easier to access. Note that you still need to login – check with your IFATCA Representative for details.


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