Please find below a summary of key issues from the Executive Board Teleconference on 28 April 2020.

The PCX is participating in an operational specific working group at ICAO dealing with various issues regarding management and recovery from COVID-19.

The EB agreed to publish conference 2020 Working Papers on the website with a clear note that papers have not been discussed.

The EVPF is working on the emergency budget. The PCX, EVPF and OM had a meeting to discuss Expensify as a replacement for Concur. The EVPF is working on the financial plan for the future for the federation.

The EVPT is organising a virtual meeting with the Technical & Operations Committee. He outlined items committee will be working on: TPM update; preparation of guidance materials, a WP on sectorless control.

The follow-up survey on COVID-19 is ready. The ASP team gave input to this version. EVPRs will distribute the version via their WhatsApp groups.

The Professional & Legal Committee is finalising additional guidelines for our members.

The EB noted that the Federation should be careful about the recovery phase trying to protect our members. If there will be a second wave of the infection later this year, there will be more impact on the industry and the EB should be prepared.

The EB agreed to link any useful information from other organisations on the Federation’s website.

The EB will be working on the probable credible scenarios for the future as the world will be different – there will be more video conferencing, more automation, quality jobs will be lost.

EVPAMA is involved in coordinating IFATCA’s participation at the virtual World Aviation Congress.

The EB agreed that it is an opportunity to promote CISM and pushing ANSPs to invest into CISM. The EB will prepare a template letter that addresses the issue on what should be organised in the ANSPs.

The EVPEUR together with European reps is involved into the recovery plan for the Eurocontrol Network Manager giving input on safety for ATCOs.

The EVPEUR proposed to work on a project: “The Opportunity Project” with the aim to develop  a framework document towards the future outlining a credible philosophy that could be worked out into future policies/paths for ATM. Out of the COVID-19 crisis, some Industry problems will come up in 5-10 years and IFATCA could/should be seen as an organisation that previewed the future and hopefully that would increase even more the credibility of the Federation.

The EB agreed to continue discussing cost of IFATCA conferences and accessibility for all MAs, how to deal with cases when a conference destination is out of financial reach for the majority of our members.


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