The IFATCA Executive Board held its first board meeting of 2020 at the EUROCONTROL premises in Brussels, Belgium from 22 jan until 24 jan.


The board discussed the updates from the executive board members, which showed a significant amount of work done in the background by PCX, DP and EVPF to reorganise the Federation’s finances and make them more transparent. The board agreed to test an alternative tool to track the Federation’s expenses. The new platform will be evaluated, aiming to decide by mid-February on whether to migrate from Concur.

Code of Conduct

Helena Sjöström, Deputy President, updated the board on a revised Code of Conduct. This version 2.0, as proposed by the Equality, Diversity and Ethics TF was approved and will be used during Conference 2020 through an updated leaflet.


During the last Asia/Pacific regional meeting, a group of 4 regional vice presidents were appointed, along ICAO regions. EVP ASP also highlighted a continuing issue on the border of Japan, Korea and China. He also mentioned the issues in Nepal, where splitting the aviation authority would affect the controllers.

Following the lead of Asia/Pacific, Americas appointed regional vice presidents in charge of subregions. Training, staffing and infrastructure main problems in AMA. EVP Americas mentioned that the Argentinian MA is a major drive in the region and acts as a magnet for others.

Fateh Behkti, EVP Africa & Middle-East, updated the board on the situation in Ethiopia, where a number of controllers remain suspended. A letter for the authorities is prepared but IFATCA is awaiting the formal go-ahead of the MA.

Tom Laursen, EVP Europe, highlighted the increasingly prominent role of EUROCONTROL in the region. As indicated before, Tom is not considering another term as EVP Europe but is as of yet undecided on whether to seek another role on the IFATCA EB.

Regional Meetings 2020

Asia/PacificCebu, Philipines22-24 Sep 2020
EuropeMaastricht, the Netherlands7-9 Oct 2020
AmericasTrinidad & Tobago14-16 Oct 2020
Africa & Middle EastMombassa, Kenya11-13 Nov 2020

ATC100 & Conferences

Philippe Domogala, as the chair of the ATC100 Years committee, gave an update on the preparations for the celebration in 2022. As Conference Coordinator, he gave an update on the preparations for the upcoming conferences in Singapore and Jamaica.


The board agreed with a request from the World ATM Congress organisers to provide a moderator for a Fatigue and Wellness panel at the event. Tom Laursen is proposed to take on this task, as he is planned to attend the event. Deputy President, EVP Tech and our Corporate Members Coordinator will also attend, with the former participating in a panel on gender equality.


As an increasing number of MAs are affected by natural disasters, the board decided it is not practical for the Federation to collect and distribute funds in support. Instead, IFATCA will act as a conduit but not as a collector for disaster relief: we will advertise the MAs efforts and encourage other MAs to directly support.

The IFATCA Executive Board is monitoring the outbreak of a coronavirus in China and parts of Asia. During this week’s Executive Board meeting, the board decided to discuss the evolution and the consequences of the outbreak during their regular teleconferences as part of the conference planning activities. For the moment, there are no direct or indirect indications that our conference will be affected and we are confident that the Singapore authorities are well equipped to mitigate the outbreak. Should any of this change, we will of course not hesitate to advise our Member Association and to propose the appropriate actions.

In closing, the IFATCA Executive Board would like to thank EUROCONTROL for providing the meeting facilities without cost and for the opportunity to visit the Network Manager’s operations room.


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