Swiss Justice system convicts an individual Air Traffic Controller for a system shortcoming.

Yesterday the Swiss Federal Court rejected the appeal by an Air Traffic Controller, implementing a sentence from the Federal Criminal Court and made the sentence legally binding.

IFATCA expresses our deepest support and sympathy with the involved Air Traffic Controller. We can only imagine the stress and pain that he is going through.

With this sentence the Swiss Justice system chose to go against all advice from the Aviation Industry. It will be interesting to see what the further consequences of such a decision will be, both nationally but also internationally. If individuals, which are part of a system and working to the best of their abilities, will have to live with the fear of criminal charges every time they go to work, it will be difficult to uphold the current efficiency of the aviation system as well as it will be difficult to attract employees.

IFATCA has severe concerns about the consequences of this sentence, both for the individual Air Traffic Controller, but moreover for the entire Aviation System. It is time for aviation professionals and society to join forces and fight this unfortunate development.


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