IFATCA 2016 Technical Award


IFATCA will be awarding its TECHNICAL AWARD during our upcoming annual IFATCA conference, which will be held in Las Vegas (USA), March 14th -18th, 2016. If you have a product fitting our criteria, which you would like to nominate for the award, please read our flyer and submit the attached nomination form to be returned to our office (office[at]ifatca[dot]org) by December 1st 2015.

After a selection and evaluation process, the results will be revealed in January 2016.

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New issue of The Controller!


We're happy to present the latest issue of the IFATCA magazine, The Controller. Main focus of this issue is of course our annual conference that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria in April 2015, but there's other very interesting articles as well.

The magazine can be read/accessed in several ways: check here for a list of ways in which to start reading your copy!

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Press Release Nepalese Air Traffic Controllers


UPDATE: As mentioned in the last issue of The Controller, IFATCA has launched a fundraiser for our colleagues in Nepal. Donations can be made via the following bank account:
IBAN: NL95 ABNA 0494 4481 05
Bank details: ABN AMRO
Markt 11
The Nettherlands
Clearly state: DONATION NEPAL


The International Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) wishes to acknowledge the incredible efforts achieved by the Nepalese air traffic controllers in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.

Despite a number of the controllers having their own houses damaged or even destroyed, the controllers did their utmost to keep the vital ATC infrastructure fully operational, facilitating the urgently needed relief efforts, including the safe provision of search and rescue flights. Kathmandu international airport, which normally closes each night, was kept open 24 hours a day, handling a vastly increased number of flights, to ensure that international assistance and relief flights could take place as expeditiously as possible. The Nepalese air traffic controllers did this unquestioningly and ensured an uninterrupted ATC service, placing the need to maintain the ATC service above the needs of their own families. Most controllers were recommended to not return to their homes due to the ongoing threat of aftershocks.

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Two IFATCA Press Releases


Last week, IFATCA published two press releases. One gave an overview of the IFATCA Conference that was recently held in Sofia, Bulgaria. The press release concluded had IFATCA PCX & CEO, Mr. Patrik Peters, thanking all participants of the 54th annual IFATCA conference, including our professional partners, ICAO, IFALPA, SESAR and Eurocontrol for their informative input, the Bulgarian service provider BULATSA for their generous support. Special thanks went to our Bulgarian association, BULATCA, for organizing such a successful conference. The rest of the press release can be found here.

In the aftermath of the Conference, we learned of the tragedy that struck Nepal. IFATCA held it’s 51st annual conference in the beautiful city of Kathmandu in 2012 and we have very fond memories of Nepal, it’s unique treasures and the challenging aviation environment. We feel a genuine affinity with Nepal and its friendly people. IFATCA wishes to extend its support and condolences to the people of Nepal - the text of the press release can be found here.

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IFATCA condemns the media handling of the Germanwings tragedy


At the opening of its 54th annual conference, with over 400 delegates present, IFATCA condemned the media handling of the recent Germanwings tragedy in southern France.

Regardless of what may be established as the actual factual events leading to the tragedy, IFATCA was horrified at the manner in which normal and internationally
accepted protocols for aviation accident investigations were widely disregarded by elements of the media and some industry bodies. "The internationally accepted ICAO Annex 13 protocols for accident investigation are to ensure that all such investigations are conducted in a fair and impartial manner for the purpose of establishing facts, and learning lessons to prevent reoccurrence", said IFATCA President and chief Executive Officer Mr. Patrik Peters. "The early release of partial information, including personal details about one of the operational crew members was not in keeping with the ICAO Annex 13 protocols or the principals of Just Culture, which have been so hard to establish in the international aviation community", explained Mr. Peters.

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IFATCA 2015 Panel


On the 4th day of the Annual IFATCA Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, the tradional IFATCA Panel Discussion was held. Subject for this edition was Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and how this is (re-)shaping our profession. Five esteemed experts presented their views on the status and challenges of transitioning to PBN:

  • Saulo Da Silva, ICAO Airspace Management & Optimization Technical Officer (presentation)
  • Rip Torn, IFALPA ATS Committee Chairman (presentation)
  • Jeff Woods, USA NATCA Program Management Office (PMO) Representative
  • David Bowen, SESAR Acting Chief ATM (presentation)
  • Franca Pavličević, EUROCONTROL Head of Navigation & CNSS Research (presentation)

Their presentations were followed by a lively question and answer session.

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Day three of our Annual Conference


Day three of the Annual IFATCA Conference saw Committee A discussing Member Association problems in closed session. In several presentations, it was clear that around the world, Air Traffic Controllers are burdened by social and industrial issues, which prevent them from delivering an optimal service. In some cases, it is even likely to be even detrimental to safety. The committee also elected a number of board members and representatives who will be forwarded to the final plenary for appointment by the Directors.

Committees B & C met in joined session to discuss issues that transcend the professional and technical domains. Subjects included screen design, technical and legel issues of system wide information management (SWIM) and crisis mangement. In addition, the joined committee heard reports from the various IFATCA representatives to other international organisations and regional/global bodies/teams. The meeting also discussed an IFATCA Statement on the future of Air Traffic Management. This will be released at the end of the conference.

While committees A concluded its business, committees B & C will reconvene in the morning to finish their agenda.

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Annual Conference Underway


On April 20th 2015, nearly 400 delegates attended the first days of the IFATCA 2015 Annual Conference. Hosted by our Bulgarian Member Association, BULATCA, the Conference will discuss a wide range of topic over the next 5 days. The opening plenary meeting was attended by a number of high level dignataries: Mr. Ivaylo Moskovski, Bulgaria's Minister of Transport, Information Technology & Communications; Mr. Georgi Peev, the Director General of BULATSA - the Bulgarian Air Navigation Service provider; Mr. Mintcho Tzvetkov, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Administration.

Following a welcome word from the BULATCA President, Mr. Assen Tabakov and the presenation of the first IFATCA Technology Award to IMTRADEX, IFATCA's President and CEO, Mr. Patrik Peters, formally opened the meeting.

In the afternoon, IFATCA's 3 Committees (Administrative, Technical and Professional/Legal) met for the first time to work their way through the working papers.

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April 2015 issue of The Controller


It is our pleasure to present a new issue of The Controller. IFATCA no longer produces a printed version, but makes an electronic magazine freely available on a variety of platforms:

  • Our tablet apps can be downloaded via http://ios.ifatca.org/ and http://android.ifatca.org/ For a small fee, individual issues can be downloaded and read on-the-go when no internet connection is available. A subscription, which gives access to all available issues for one year, is also available. The contribution helps us to finance the development of the applications.
  • Issues can be read online by pointing your browser to http://the-controller.ifatca.org For the best experience, after selecting an issue, we recommend using the full screen option via the toolbar on top of the pages.
  • A PDF version of the latest issue can be downloaded here. Depending on the browser you use, you might have to right click and use 'save as ...' to download the file to your computer.

Enjoy this latest issue of The Controller. If you do, and you think other might as well, feel free to encourage them to subscribe.

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The IFATCA Conference App

Android app on Google Play IFATCA is proud to present our Conference App. This app allows the attendees of our upcoming annual conference to keep track of the conference program, meeting agenda's, working papers and more. Organised in various tabs and pages, the application offers a convenient way for those attending the conference to stay up to date. As the conference will endeavor to go paperless as much as possible, everyone attending is encouraged to use the application. For the moment, it's available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices - you can install it on both phones and tablets. We're working on a solution for other operating systems, but this will be via the browser rather than through a dedicated app.
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