Day 2 of the 55th Annual Conference

The second day of the Annual Conference of IFATCA ended today in Las Vegas. Committees B (Technical) and C (Professional/Legal) joined forces to discuss overlapping issues that affect both aspects of a controllers' job. The delegates were updated on interactions of the Federation with other organizations including IFALPA and ICAO. Information was shared on IFATCA Educational Material, Automation Principles and Guidelines and the IFATCA Training Workshop. And three work-studies on reducing “Initial Call” frequency congestion, a review of the Technical and Professional Manual and on Remote/Virtual Towers from the professional, procedural and view.

After the joined meeting, Committee B went on to discuss work studies done over the year by the Technical and Operational Committee (TOC), including one on Airport Collaborative Decision Making and another one on digitizing flight progress strips.

Committee C had discussions on mental fitness, the roles and responsibilities of the controller-in-charge and on a revision of the automation policy as it is currently written in the Technical and Professional Manual.

Committee A continued discussions on administrative issues affecting the Federation. This included elections for the Executive Board, which will be forwarded to the final plenary for confirmation and appointments of officials to various committees and functions. A number of proposals on the internal functioning of the Federation were also presented and voted upon.