Each year the the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) seeks nominations for its prestigious annual Technical Award.

This award recognises a single product, part of, or piece of equipment produced by one of our Corporate Members that demonstrates a committed effort to provide an innovative, quality product that will enhance aviation safety.


The criteria for nomination are:

• A candidate must be a Corporate Member of IFATCA, either as an existing member or as a new applicant who has paid their subscription.

• The product, part of, or piece of equipment must be in current use at any ATC unit in the world, directly in the operational environment by ATC.

• The product, part of, or piece of equipment should be innovative and incorporate good ergonomics and design principles. It should provide operational benefits over alternative products and/or demonstrate significant safety benefits.

• The Corporate Member shall make a submission detailing the products key features and benefits for the selection process.


The applications are reviewed by the Technical & Operations Commitee in collaboration with the Professional & Legal Commitee, at their second meeting of the year. The winner will be announced at our Annual Conference and will receive the award during the opening ceremony in the presence of dignitaries, usually Minister Of Transport and CAA / ANSP directors of the host country.



The 2017 IFATCA Technical Award was given to NAVCanada for their NAVCANsuite. The NAVCANsuite is a series of automation products, providing both standalone and integrated solutions in airport, tower and terminal ATC environments.

The suites have been successfully implemented at over 100 sites worldwide (mainly aerodrome control) and controller responses to the suites have been very positive. Human factors, ergonomics and other concerns of interest to the controller community have been considered and discussed, creating an end product by and for controllers.

The NAVCanada representative received the award at the Opening Plenary.