Every year, the Federation holds the IFATCA Conference; the Annual General Meeting of the Member Assocations. The directors and delegates from almost 130 countries will be present to provide direction to the Executive Board and to determine the rules and policies of the Federation.

The Opening Plenary session formalises the commencement of the proceedings. 

Following the Opening Plenary, the delegates will divide into three 'committee sessions'; A, B, and C.

Commitee A is the administrative body of the Federation. Where the changes to the constitution and byelaws are developed and debated. The procedures for the functioning of the day-to-day operations are discussed, as are finanical matters and the budget of the Federation.

Commitee B deals with Operational & Technical matters. The working papers and other materials developed over the year by the Technical & Operations Commitee (TOC) will be presented and debated. These discussions will produce policies and guidance material for the use of the Member Associations. It has been claimed (and disputed!) that Committee B is the best committee...

Committee C considers matters of a Legal and Professional nature. As with Committee , the working papers of the Professional & Legal Commitee (PLC) will be presented for debate and associated policies will be determined.

During the week, Committees B & C will meet for a joint session where topics of a broad nature will be discussed, and the reports of the many international representatives will be presented.

Each region will meet for a Regional Meeting where matters of a regional nature will be discussed, and Member Associations can raise issues to their Regional Vice-President.

The Closing Plenary will be the final session of the week long event, where the directors of the Member Associations present will formally approve the proceedings of the week.



Accra, Ghana


Toronto, Canada


Las Vegas, USA


Sofia, Bulgaria

Previous Conferences

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