Scott Shallies

Civil Air - Civil Air Operations Officers’ Association of Australia


Scott Shallies has been an Air Traffic Controller since 1981. He is based in Melbourne, Australia and has gained significant experience in many en-route and arrivals radar and procedural sectors and radar towers. He currently works as a Supervisor in Melbourne Centre.

He served for three years as Melbourne Branch President for his local Association, Civil Air. In 2001, he was elected as a member of the IFATCA Professional and Legal Committee (PLC) and has also acted as the Secretary of Committee C during four consecutive annual conferences.


In 2008, he was elected as Executive Vice-President, Professional (EVPP) during the annual conference in Arusha, Tanzania. As EVPP, he was responsible for the oversight of the professional aspects of the Federation's activities, and the various professional representatives to other bodies.

In 2014, Scott was elected as Deputy President of the Federation during the 53rd annual conference in Gran Canaria, Spain.

At the 2017 Annual Conference in Toronto, Scott moved from Deputy President to fill the vacant role of EVP Finance.


Role and Responsibilities

The Executive Vice-President in charge of financial matters is responsible for all income and assets of the Federation and deposits all such income and assets in the name of the Federation in such bank or banks as the Executive Board may designate.

He writes, signs and endorses in the name of the Federation the principal cheques, drafts, warrants and orders for the payment of money, and dispose of same and receipt therefore under the direction of the President and Chief Executive Officer or the Directors.