The support from the Road and Transportation Department and Civil Aviaiton Department’s support for the APRM was extraordinary and more than 100 delegates enjoyed probably the most memorable APRM in the last decade or more with an excellent blend of technical, social and cultural content. The dignataries  officiating

Batnasan Yondon – President of MONATCA

B.Tsogtgerel – Vice Minister for Road and Transportation Department of Mongolia

G.Nyamdavaa – Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia

The meeting had several presentations on the inconsistencies of ANSP performance throughout Asia Pacific and the impact that has on safety and effeciency. The Asia Pacific region is facing an ever increasing traffic and airline fleet growth rate. A common focus of the presentations were for controllers to consider a significant reduction in tactical intervention with ATC flows and to stongly consider a more strategic approach and to explore separation assurance via airspace design to cope with the forecast of a tripling of the airline fleet in less than 20 years. IFALPA once again supported the IFATCA meeting with two representatives present. Dieter Oakley from Hong Kong was present representing IFALPA Asia Pacific and Kelvin Kwan, the IFALPA Director of Singapore also attended. Both aircrew presented on technical performance issues to educate and interact with the controllers presnet. They also took part in a panel discussion and open forum.

The evenings of the meeting were highlighted  with a blend of very unique folk music, artistic dancing and high local fashion. The third day cutural outing had an incredible array of wrestling, bareback horse racing and archery with all delegates encouraged to particpate. The dancing late into the night was a precursor to a very difficult round of goodbyes to our hosts for orchestrating such a magnificent meeting.